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    Help, I'm drowning in too many games at once T_T

    XCOM, Armello, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Mafia II, Middle Earth, Spec Ops, Magicka 2, Outland, Stardew Valley, Vermintide, Gauntlet, Hitman, Lucius II, Alan Wake, Banished, Sir, You are Being Hunted... etc.

    I kept starting games and then not finishing them before I started another and now I have too many games and not enough time in a day to play them all D:

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  • Man, your hair looks killer in that new avatar, very nice. :D

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    I'm totally okay with all the placeholder content in Unreal Tournament 4, especially with the sounds being from UT99. It makes me want to load up the original game every time I play, lol. At least there's one arena shooter that hasn't disappointed me yet this year

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    I've heard of the console wars that people get in, like PC "master race" and console "peasants," but I've never really experienced one first hand. I follow a few gaming pages on Facebook, and I finally looked at the comments on one of the pictures poking fun of consoles the other day. To put it briefly, I lost a few IQ points.

    However, it also made me appreciate Playfire a whole lot more. I realized that I kind of took it for granted, because the community here is hardly ever toxic or judgmental, and always civil with conversations and discussions. Of course there's always a few outliers, but for the majority, I love you guys. I'm glad I came back to this site, because I don't think there's a better community than this one.

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