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I love handhelds, ActionRPGs, RPGs, nice graphics and a good story. My favorites

  • The Addams Family
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  • Aero The Acro-Bat 2
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Latest posts

  • I'm getting busy again, so I won't be posting around here. Maybe forever, maybe for a few weeks or months. In case it's forever, you can still see my updates at my site: http://piratesboard.net/mikari/

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  • Fantasy Bit: http://piratesboard.net/mikari/

    Blog: https://twitter.com/miliazure





    October 31 - Slayers Chaos 50: Decisive! The Moment of Truth (Slayers)

    November 3 - Slayers Chaos 51: Victory! Against All Odds (Slayers)

    November 5 - Slayers: Chaos 052: Prophecy! Calculated or Coincidental? (Slayers)





    November 2 - Deviant Art Button

    November 2 - Fanart Central Button

    November 2 - Sheezy Art Button

    November 2 - Anipan Button

    November 2 - Pixiv Button

    November 2 - Walking Unicorn

    November 2 - Hi!

    November 2 - Tiny Mikari

    November 2 - Tiny Snow Cursor

    November 2 - Tiny Cherri Cursor

    November 4 - Lina Inverse Icon and Cursor (Slayers)

    November 4 - Pinterest Button

    November 4 - My Anime List Button

    November 4 - Nails Long Button

    November 4 - Gaia Online Button

    November 4 - Tinier Me Button

    November 4 - Starlight Button

    November 5 - New Amelia Icon and Cursor (Slayers)

    November 5 - New Gourry Icon and Cursor (Slayers)




    October 31 - Turtle Tower

    November 1 - Shiny

    November 1 - Dusk Shine? XD

    November 2 - Manicure Collection

    November 5 - Oreo Strawberry Cake 1

    November 5 - Oreo Strawberry Cake 2

    November 5 - Oreo Cake 3

    November 5 - Oreo Cake 4

    November 5 - Fluttershy 1

    November 5 - Fluttershy 2

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  • October 25 - So I based my manicure on Twilight Sparkle because she's cute. Still haven't watched the show aside from two episode which were like one long one, because I found a music video and liked the song. Pretty colors, pretty art, too simple of a plot. Anyway that's not the point, I still think they're cute as decorations. I did accomplish that dare to write a oneshot (which turned into a three shot). so I looked through FFnet out of curiosity and listened to a few stories because often fans come up with better plots than the shows and I was amused. However, while browsing I realized that the brony thing is really. The whole "this has a ton of fan boys" talk, I thought they exaggerated, they don't. This is like Yugioh except with Marty Stus rather than Mary Sues. I lost count of how many summaries were about human boys ending up in the pony world. It's hilarious! So yeah, the ponies really do have a ton of fanboys getting all Marty Stu over them. Surprising, but the proof is in FFnet. It's just too funny for words. But hey, fangirls have been stalking bishounen for years, so let the boys have their fun and stalk... er... not really bishoujo though I'm sure in their minds they are, but let's not go there. Um... colorful little horsies, yet, let them have their fun stalking colorful little horsies. Played some Final Fantasy IX, chasing after Garnet with Freya, Zidane and Vivi. I like Freya's jump and Vivi's thunder.

    October 26 - Got my hair done and bought a bunch of stuff. Got an AA energy cell I've been wanting and a card for Reno and Xellos. not sure which games/apps I'll get yet. Recs?

    October 27 - In Final Fantasy IX I'm at the start of disc 2. I started Final Fantasy IV and I'm looking for the antidote for Rosa, still pretty early in the game. I haven't continued Final Fantasy III yet, so I'm still in the same place after making it out of the very first cave.

    October 28 - Watching Death Note again. "Light Yagami - accomplished all his goals in life and after prosperously ruling the world for many years, he dies of old age at ninety." Seriously, why didn't Light think of using the Death Note like that? XD

    October 29 - Watching the Death Note live movies. :D

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikariazure

    Fantasy Bit: http://piratesboard.net/mikari/





    October 23 - Slayers Chaos 48: Abduction! Sneaky Thieves and Tomboy Maidens (Slayers)

    October 28 - Slayers Chaos 49: Implacable! Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? (Slayers)





    October 24 - Gaia Girl (Gaia Online)

    October 25 - Aoshi Icon and Cursors (Super Mario)

    October 25 - Sephiroth Icon and Cursors 2 (Final Fantasy VII)

    October 25 - Kirby Lillipop Icon and Cursors (Kirby)

    October 25 - Tiny Kirby Cursor (Kirby)

    October 25 - Boshi Cursor 2 (Super Mario)

    October 31 - Icecream Background (pixel)

    October 31 - Icecream Icon and Cursor (pixel)




    October 23 - Rainbow Dash 1 (nails)

    October 23 - Rainbow Dash 2 (nails)

    October 23 - Twilight Sparkle 5 (nails)

    October 24 - Black and White Donut 1

    October 24 - Black and White Donut 2

    October 24 - Black and White Donut 3

    October 25 - Choco Marshmallow

    October 27 - Rolo

    October 27 - Choco Frappe 1

    October 27 - Choco Frappe 2

    October 27 - Hair

    October 27 - Bracelet

    October 27 - Hand 01

    October 27 - Hand 02

    October 27 - Hand 03

    October 27 - Hand 04

    October 27 - Hand 05

    October 28 - Twilight Sparkle's Donut

    Currently Playing:

    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 4

    Final Fantasy IX

    Final Fantasy IV

    Final Fantasy III


    Legend of Dragoon

    Chrono Cross

    Wild Arms XL

    Knight in the Nightmare

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