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    I'm a magician, Spencer!


    Avada Kadavra, to you...


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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I have finally become a real mod author! That is to say, I've released a mod that I actually made myself (I have previously released a couple of Special Edition conversions, those don't count)

    Toon Skyrim Redux

    Inspired by another author named uniqueuses/bretton who was working on something like this over a year ago, I've started from scratch rebuilding it from the ground up (after bretton assured me that he was no longer working on his and had no plans to in the future) It is currently a WIP the majority of the game's textures have simply been resized, but I've left out some of the ones that really need special attention, and I'll be doing those by hand over time.

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    My political opinion is...

    Oh right, no one cares because this is a gaming site :p

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    Have $20 on Steam and I can't find anything I want on the sale :\

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