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    The second bell has been rung. I will say once you get to the bottom of Blight town before you face the boss don't be like me and use fire based weapons. Thank god I had a cross bow as my second left hand weapon.shoot, shoot, doge, I only had to get health twice, I kept hitting her then remembering I have fire weapons then getting hit with all her attacks one after another after another. Thank you +5 dark armor!

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    I forgot I was online till I got invaded. Bitch you can't touch me, I had him running backwards just as he was going to heal himself BAM strong R2 attack right in the mid section. I bet the guy was pissed. He put up a good fight, he hit me 4 times, just that I have all the strongest weapons you can possible have with the stats to back it up so 2 was really all I needed. He must not have his health built up to max like I do.

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    I killed a ton of people, so many NPCs that I think I'll have to get my plat in a NG++ oh well. Everyone and everything *expletive deleted* dies in my game!

    Oh well I'll just follow this guide after I get to the final boss (before I take him on I'll check)

    Can't get this because I killed him/her. Oh I can get this didn't kill them!

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    Well this plat run is taking more time I *expletive deleted* forgot how to get to the moonlight butterfly. On my JP account I found it easy, but on the NA game it feels like things are moved and theres no helpful walkthroughs.

    Gamespot just says stuff about sleeping stone giants, well if I could find those things again I wouldn't have a problem! IGN says something about armor (a different set from Gamespot) and says hug the wall till you come to a watery clearing. Yeah I'm back to the huge wolf area and didn't come to a tree (already killed him months ago).

    Anyone can give me directions? I tried youtube but the only thing is how to beat it which is going to be cake for me. Also I killed everything didn't see a sleeping giant at all. I been everywhere hit pretty much every tree no luck.

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