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  • Jesus christ Playfire updated!!!

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  • Skyrim

    So hey folks this is what I woke upto from my best friend who is "a hardcore old school gamer" by his own definition I've had multiple long ass rants this over the last week, now I wanna see if im just blinded or if it really his inability to adapt to newer games

    "I can't believe that, I was almost touching a draugr, swung loads of times, hardly took any energy at all and he just kept coming, I may as well have not bothered hitting him, so dodged, then hit him when he was open and his weapon wasn't in the way, hardly any damage done, a couple of hits and I'm dead, backing off was useless cos he seemed to hit me from 3 feet away even though I saw no blood, he swung his sword rather than prodded forward as well, ridiculous hit detection, do you ignore this or do you seriously not see it? *expletive deleted* stuck in the 90s this system, no ability to dodge, no strategy, its either back off as far as you can or struggle to survive, its 2011, not 1999, it's an insult to the word "combat", you need to acknowledge gameplay mechanics more rather than just the size and beauty of the world, not being able to tell if I've hit something is *expletive deleted* ridiculous they don't even flinch, they just stand there and keep coming, what kind of gameplay is this? I'm off to play a good gaming rpg with characters who all hive different voices and dialogue (isn't that a staple of rpgs?) and combat with ANY sort of physics at all, swinging in hope and looking for blood cos the enemies don't react has driven me away, plus the inability to dodge or counter, rpg perfection it looks like, but gameplay mechanics and character wise it isn't"

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  • Far Cry 3

    Well that's Far Cry 3 completed - Enjoyed that I did :D

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  • Damn playfire hasnt updated my trophies for a while ....

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