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A sequel to the action puzzle platformer Trine. It star 3 characters – Amadeus the wizard, Zoya the thief, and Pontius the knight – who need to work together and to progress through levels filled with enemies and physics-based puzzles. The story picks up when the trine is rediscovered and brings the 3 characters back together. It transports them to an unknown world where their progress is overlooked by a mysterious figure referred to as The Witch. The story involves the Goblin King and his minions, and the tale of two sisters who are also princesses.

Just like in the 1st game you can switch between the 3 characters to tackle the environment-based challenges. The knight is strong and most suited for close combat, the thief is agile and has long-ranged attacks, and the wizard is a feeble character that uses magic to manipulate items.



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