Texas Hold'em

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  • Texas Hold'em

    Finally got my luck of the draw achievement after 6200 hands and change. Can't believe my luck with this considering some people on my FL have 50,000+ hands and no royal flush

    Mr_Swagtastic said 5 years ago 2 comments Like this Report
    • nice, i still play that game from time to time. it's gonna take me forever to grab that one

      FreemanEst85 said 5 years ago

    • easiest way to do is when I was at work or sleeping would leaving my guitar hero controller one with a elastic band wrapped around the a button. Takes a while but it's the easiest way to do it. It's all pure luck, just have 2 tournaments left and 2 scenario's left and I will have my 200/200 on this

      Mr_Swagtastic said 5 years ago

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