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Meat Boy is a small sentient cube of meat. He loves his girlfriend Bandage Girl, a girl made of bandages, and Bandage Girl loves Meat Boy. However, nobody loves Dr. Fetus, a fetus in a jar clad in a tuxedo, so Dr. Fetus hates everybody...especially Meat Boy. Dr. Fetus decides to kidnap Bandage Girl, and so Meat Boy must chase after Dr. Fetus and rescue her! Is he a bad enough dude to rescue his girlfriend?

The game is a fast-paced scrolling platformer based on the online Flash game Meat Boy. Meat Boy's only abilities are to run, jump, wall jump, and die. As the game's defining feature is its extreme difficulty, he will die a lot. To counteract this, each stage is short ,sometimes only a few seconds, sometimes up to a minute or so, and upon death the you will be returned to the start for another attempt.



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