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  • Skyrim

    Is the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs worth getting for this?

    paulw1984 said 1 hour ago 8 comments Like this Report
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    • I'd say the Dawnguard is a somewhat long DLC. Though I can't say for sure because whenever I did play the DLC i'd play it really slowly. I would do about 2 Dawnguard quests and stop and move on towards some side quests since I didn't want to finish it too quickly. Plus with the Dawnguard DLC you can become a Vampire Lord, level up and gain Werewolf and Vampire perks, and you can choose to side with the Vampires or the Vampire hunters (Dawnguard). As for the Dragonborn DLC I think I've been their once and I would say its a pretty big map.

      lil_wolfs said 9 minutes ago

    • Both are really good DLC. Dawnguard given you a new questline to do in Skyrim of course as well as some more miscellaneous quests but for the most part nothing to new environment wise, expect near the end. Also Dawnguard gives you the "Lost to the Ages" quest I believe and the reward item at the end is awesome. Dragonborn gives you an entire new landmass to explore new enemies and a new feel to the game. At least thats how I felt, it felt like I was played Skyrim for the first time all over again. Both are a must get.

      BeamyZinger said 0 minutes ago

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  • Skyrim

    Seeing someone legitimately say that Skyrim should be made into a movie makes part of me die on the inside. That grave where I buried my hope for humanity just got another several feet deeper.

    XxFewestlightxX said 13 hours ago 6 comments Like this Report
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    • Movie adaptations are usually bad or tainted despite the director's best intentions.....

      OOh, it has to be like the games....well if it was exactly like the games there's either too much narrative or not enough for a film.....

      oooh has to use these weapons [lists the set of basic iron weapons] right so just use the starter crap then?? wonderful.....

      oooh needs to have a love interest....[casts some teen idol] right so now it's some yawn worthy gringefest with some chick the core audience won't give a F about??? wonderful......

      ooh let's add in our own race to the mix....[adds some dog elf insect hybrid] so now we've pretty much upset established lore??? wonderful this is definitely gonna be a hit.....

      see that's where hollywood goes wrong every time....they try and add too much of their own crappy ideas and "put their mark on it" pfft your mark sucks.......

      some liberty is good but changing lore or forcing conventions that don't suit the film is retarded......

      if they did a Skyrim movie it would be the whole thing with Alduin and the civil war, all the other side stuff would be ignored.....

      hero almost get's executed, hero is revealed to be a Dunmer to the dismay of a section of the fans then goes off to Whiterun but they skip the Bleakfalls barrow quest to the dismay of some fans...then the hero slays a dragon and becomes dragonborn and visits the greybeards then recovers the horn of Jurgan Windcaller without incident to the dismay of a few fans but on leaving high hrothgar Delphine stops the hero and has him work with her to kill Alduin....civil war is raging across the land and the hero helps out on a few missions but eventually leaves to stop Alduin......blah blah long story in the end the way it would play out would anger too many people or at least annoy people to no end.....ooh he didn't use any Ebony weapons....ooh he didn't craft dragon armor...ooh he didn't do this or that blah......bitch, bitch, bitch.....

      compare that to every game adaptation so far, tell me that isn't right??? we don't need game adaptations....

      MJ12_Conspiracy said 1 hour ago

    • If they make a film about TES they would have to make the story entirely about the tdwemer and the snow elves otherwise I'm not interested.

      fistoflegend_01 said 1 minute ago

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  • Skyrim

    Talking with the greybeards I asked if they heard any news of new shouts and he said he heard whispers and will show me on my map. What was added to my map? I can't see anything.

    paulw1984 said 2 days ago 4 comments Like this Report
  • Skyrim

    is there a higher upgrade in smithing than legendary?

    RotatableWoody said 6 days ago 5 comments Like this Report
  • Skyrim

    I think a perk that allowed you to use a two handed weapon like a one handed weapon, would've just been great

    RotatableWoody said 1 week ago 2 comments Like this (1) Report
  • Skyrim

    Damn legendary dragons, they don't spawn for me. As if reaching level 81 wasn't annoying enough.

    Talon86 said 1 week ago 12 comments Like this Report
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    • Grind is the most appropriate word I can think of also. There used to be a few Speech exploits that were a little less grindy, but they've been patched. The Hermaeus Mora exploit is also patched, but I would assume you could just delete the patch and play offline to re-enable it. It's definitely what I would consider cheating though lol.

      Bossman96 said 1 week ago

    • I generated tens of thousands leather strips and started smithing. lol So yeah, I kinda cheated. xD

      Talon86 said 2 days ago

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  • Skyrim

    Its far better on PC but still a *expletive deleted* drag.

    commander4smile said 1 week ago 3 comments Like this Report
  • Skyrim


    TheNerdyGuitarist said 1 week ago 4 comments Like this Report
  • Skyrim

    the rules for invisibility in this game do not make sense, If i am "invisible" then how can anyone see me

    RotatableWoody said 2 weeks ago 5 comments Like this Report
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    • My bad... I was thinking of Oblivion. I actually never use invisibility in Skyrim. With a high enough Sneak skill and the right perks, you can crouch in broad daylight and be practically invisible to most enemies. Of course I never let them get close to me anyway. My Bosmer archer can one shot Legendary Dragons lol.

      Bossman96 said 2 weeks ago

    • Yeah, the only use I get frmo invisibllity is a small pay from selling the potions, since you lose the buff by doing ANYTHING.

      TheNerdyGuitarist said 2 weeks ago

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  • Skyrim

    My reaction when my mod manager gets to the final 25% of the 2500 mods I have been downloading for the last week and a half:

    Bonus - My process of modding: ...
    [+] My reaction when my mod manager gets to the final 25% of the 2500 mods I have been downloading for the last week and a half:

    Bonus - My process of modding:

    GalaxyCrusher said 2 weeks ago 5 comments Like this Report

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