Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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The game is a multiplayer 1st-person shooter set in World War II, more precisely the fights in the area of Stalingrad from 1942/43. it tries to create a more realistic atmosphere,for example almost every hit is an instant kill. And if not, the wound has to be bandaged to avoid bleeding to death. The weapons react more realistically (it is hard to keep a machine gun steady) and have no crosshair. Additionally there is no in-game indication besides the uniforms which player is on which side and there is no announcement of kills. All this creates the need to progress carefully at a slower pace.

one of the game's features is that only a certain amount of every class type are allowed on a map to keep the balance and respawns are not instant - instead the game waits until a few people are ready to spawn to simulate reinforcements.



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