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The angel/demon cross Belial is a feared demon of Lucifer's army. Having now escaped one of the many prisons of Lucifer, he is out for revenge on those who framed him. As Belial, you must fight 40 types of enemies including huge bosses in purgatory - the land between heaven and hell. The levels feature horror-adjusted versions of familiar worldwide beings from mythology and history - gladiators, mummies and ninjas all become frightening foes.

A raw 1st-person shooter similar to the previous Painkiller games; you run and gun for your life using a devastating arsenal of six different weapons. Originally developed as a fan-made modification, the team was given funding to make it into a full, independent game. The weapons have both primary and secondary firing modes. You may also combine these two and get a third firing mode as well.



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    At last chapter now...gonna be fun!

    Gurra300 said 5 years ago 3 comments Like this Report
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    • well i have to be honest is that i actually cheated since at one point in the game i had too hard to even make it through >_< but i didnt see any problem with his hitbox, took me maybe a minute before finding out his weak spot, maybe 2 minutes when he turned a giant. :s anyway this game was fun overall, totally worth 4,99 euro :)

      Gurra300 said 5 years ago

    • In final phase, when you're supposed to shoot his head it will glitch and become invincible 9 times out of 10.

      Well, yep, it's worth 4.99 euro. It has nice multiplayer, although barely anyone plays it by now.

      Lord_Gremlin said 5 years ago

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