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An official expansion to the action/adventure game Overlord. It takes place after the events of Overlord, after you killed the original Overlord and took complete control over the land, but your jester wasn't happy with that and decided to take things in his own hands and executed a powerful ritual to summon the forces of hell themselves and he succeeded. Everywhere in the world strange portals opened up, leading down into the Abyss. As this is your empire, you are going to investigate and add hell to your land.

Raising Hell also features new weapons and armor to be created in the forge of the Overlord's Tower. To forge the new items, first you have to locate the mold for each item and bring it back to the tower forge, for it to be imbued with minion life force (like original weapons and armor). The new items have more noticeable effects however. For example, there are weapons that invoke fire damage, and can deal shock attacks.



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