Otogi: Myth of Demons

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  • Otogi: Myth of Demons


    Guess what! From Software has made games other than Dark Souls!


    GaijinD said 12 months ago 10 comments Like this (1) Report
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    • Wish FS would return to AC. AC4A pvp battles are some of the most mindblowing things you can participate in.

      MikuXII said 12 months ago

    • as much as i like otogi, can't say there's anything in it that can make it stand out from the pile of generic action games. if there's something i'd like them to return to is the survival horror genre, kuon was nice and i heard echo night is good too. just wishful thinking though, i doubt we'll see anything else from them aside DS or AC in the near future

      Enigma8th said 11 months ago

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  • Otogi: Myth of Demons

    I want this and Otogi 2, but don't have an original Xbox. Anyone know how well they play on the 360?

    Fillytase said 5 years ago 11 comments Like this Report
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    • True. Though when the DS came out I thought (and still think) it's *expletive deleted* that you can't play GB Color/GB games in its GBA slot. GBA could play them, and they have the same size carts width-wise, so I'd have thought it would be easily done. meh...

      Fillytase said 5 years ago

    • GBA actually had the chipset for the GBC inside, which was not included in the DS for cost reasons.

      Also, it'd probably look terrible blown up on the DS screen.

      Darkgenshii said 5 years ago

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