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Settled in the American west during the 19th century, a 3rd person shooter for multiplayer gameplay.

There are 4 classes: deputy, blaster, gunslinger and trapper, each one with a different ability.

The main modes: greed and conquest. In the 1st, objective is to carry as many gold sacks that are spawned on the map to your team drop off zone as possible. Another sack will be summoned only after the last has been delivered; in the 2nd, objective is to conquer control zones in sequence, clearing it of enemy presence and staying in the zone until your gang flag is raised. It has additional modes; robbery and powder keg. In robbery you're divided into attacking and defending teams. The attackers must steal sacks of gold and the defenders must try to stop them. After the 1st turn, the teams turn sides. In powder keg, objective is to destroy a strategic point with explosives powder kegs. One team must destroy the target and another must defend it, and after the match teams swap sides.



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