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A 2D fighting game between hovering machines equipped with different kinds of blunt weaponry. It is set in a world above an abyss where 3 houses rule: Kadish, Kelete and Gaiar. They all manage to locate broken machinery and turn it into flying vehicles. Although they are at peace at first, a bloodthirsty brother quickly turns it into a real war. You control Gaiar, a young trainee who quickly works his way up.

In Solo - Warrior's Path, one of the game modes, you're introduced to the story and take on various missions controlling a flying vehicle. It is fitted with a swinging, piercing object. Various missions are introduced through cutscenes. You'll often need to work together to defend outposts, or ward off large enemies or swarms of small creatures. Some missions take place in tournaments or settings where your vehicle is held fixed through a chain.



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