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A simultaneous turn-based strategy game. You guide a squad of units through enclosed areas with rooms, corridors, windows, entrances, and objects that can be used for cover. The focus is entirely on strategy and tactics, as every shot is lethal and there is no way to customize units. At the start of a game you are dealt a hand of units. They're defined by the weapon they are carrying, for instance 1 with regular bullets, a machine gun, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, or a grenade launcher. They also have different capabilities and range. The goal is to kill all opposing units. It has a minimal look. Shown from a top-down view that reveals the entire area, including enemies, the player's team is green, the opponent's is red, and the entire environment is rendered in shades of blue with futuristic design. There are also civilians, and friendly units controlled by the computer shown in yellow.



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