The 5th entry in the Bit. Trip series. You control Commander Video in a scrolling, rhythm-based platform game. The music consists of retro chiptune sounds and the graphics, although 3D, are reminiscent of 8 bit videogames of the 1980s.

You're able to execute 4 moves: jump, slide, punch and using jump pads. In order to master the game, you have to execute these 4 actions in perfect sync with the music to overcome various obstacles. There are 3 main levels, each with several sub stages that become increasingly difficult. At the end of each level, a boss fight awaits the player to test their skills by including new combinations of the 4 actions. Score multipliers can be collected that enhance the audio-visual experience of the game. There is a set number of gold bars in each stage that has to be collected for a perfect score.



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