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    My god, that intro was fantastic.

    My wiiu purchase is already redeemed lol

    bayonetta 2 related


    On sale for about $5 on PSN.

    Dante8624 said 1 month ago 8 comments Like this (2) Report
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    • Well, Imma not do hard period cause screw harder difficulties XD

      RedDeadRogue said 1 month ago

    • Had no issue with the frame rate despite what people claim. It's not a hard game if you learn the fundamentals. Awesome game though! Shame the sequel is a Wii U exclusive.

      Phorus said 4 weeks ago

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    Ok, screw it, its unplayable in hard mode when 5 enemies gang up on you. pretty sure i hit dodge at times but it doesnt register or either it takes time to actually dodge. platinum pls!

    MikuXII said 1 month ago 7 comments Like this Report

    Playing on hard mode this time. Its actually fun this time... dunno why, but i only start to love hack and slash games or beat em ups when i ramp up the difficulty.

    MikuXII said 1 month ago 5 comments Like this Report

    Platinum #131

    Omg this game. :3

    Loved it soooo much! Then again I just love hack n slashes. <3 Got this plat finally after 4 years. Will be getting Bayonetta 2 soon!

    BunBunPowah said 2 months ago 12 comments Like this (9) Report

    Unannounced PlatinumGames title will be revealed at E3 on IGN, Tuesday June 16 3 PM PT


    Think I'll break my rule of buying PS3 games for getting this and another one (Vanquish) eventually.

    Must make these two my last PS3 games, all hail Platinum lmao

    RedDeadRogue said 5 months ago 3 comments Like this (1) Report

    8-Bit Bayonetta browser game anyone?

    Sebastian_Hoff said 9 months ago 2 comments Like this (3) Report
    • seems to be only two keys - jump on the spot and shoot which kinda sucks. Maybe they'll add movement at some point lol

      Sebastian_Hoff said 9 months ago

    • what the hell? how can a 100-feets-tall-beasts-invoking-witch like bayo become a mere double jumper n' shooter? she even lost the ability to walk lol

      Enigma8th said 9 months ago

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    My Bayonetta 2 review is up! Would love some feedback :)



    #5 – Bayonetta

    Game Rating: 7.5/10

    I had a lot of fun with this game despite the fact I rarely venture into the Hack & Slash genre. The game has a lot of good things going for it but also ...
    [+] #5 – Bayonetta

    Game Rating: 7.5/10

    I had a lot of fun with this game despite the fact I rarely venture into the Hack & Slash genre. The game has a lot of good things going for it but also some aspects that frustrated me. But let’s start with the good:

    The combat – It’s awesome. Challenging if you plan on mastering it but if not it’s still very satisfying and has a real degree of depth to it. Not only is there a huge variety of moves and combos but when you factor in all the different weapons and accessories as well it adds a whole new level to it. The title character is awesome too. Not only fun and sexy, she’s an absolute badass as well. I really liked playing as Bayonetta and I tend to find playing as female protagonists more interesting than your run of the mill male, hulking, soldier types anyway. I also liked the over-the-top, tongue in cheek nature of the story and themes of the game. Everything is excessive and overblown, from the larger than life bosses and gloriously designed environments to the overall story, cut scenes and music. This over-the-top style may not necessarily be to everyone’s tastes but one thing you can’t criticise this game for is being boring – it’s anything but.

    Now onto the not so good:

    The combat is tight, exciting and satisfying, but the platforming isn’t at the same level unfortunately. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but whether you were jumping to floating platforms or running along walls and ceilings it just never felt as fluid and tight as you’d want it to be. The puzzles were disappointing too as there was hardly anything to them and sometimes you want a short break from all the high octane action and have a change of pace for a while. The puzzles never really offered that. The music was also a let-down for me as even though it suits the game perfectly it gets extremely repetitive. By the time I started my second playthrough I had to mute the music and just play with the sound effects as I felt like I was losing my sanity.

    Platinum Difficulty: 3/10

    Right, this is a tough one to judge because at face value this is a solid 6/10 or possibly 7/10 game (maybe not to others but I’m no Hack & Slash pro). What makes this an incredibly easy Platinum is the inclusion of certain accessories the developers allow you to use to beat the game on the harder difficulties. Beat the game on Very Easy or Easy mode and you are awarded the Immortal Marionette. This item basically puts you in God Mode as all you need to do is button mash punch and kick and the game will automatically attack, jump, evade and pull of any number of amazing combos FOR YOU. The only drawback is it reduces your combos a great deal but as scoring isn’t a requirement for completing the game it doesn’t matter one bit. Other than this item there’s also the Climax Bracelet which you can get if you’re happy to farm for the required halos. This turns all your moves into Wicked Weave moves which are far more damaging than your basic attacks. Without either of these items you’d actually have to “git good” in order to beat the game on Hard and Infinite Climax difficulty and the fights against Jean in particular I can imagine being a real challenge. As it is you can use these items to your hearts content and pick up an easy Platinum in the process. I gave it a 3/10 but could easily have been as low as 2/10 if it weren’t for Alfheim Portal 12 which took me a number of attempts to get right.

    EternalWarriorVI said 10 months ago 14 comments Like this (6) Report
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    • Ah god not another judge mental person on completionist lool I don't get people at all these days.

      MarluxiaX2 said 10 months ago

    • A Completionist is something I will never be I play far to many hard games there is no way I can finish them all :)

      Phorus said 9 months ago

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