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Wow, grats on your DJ Hero platinum! That took some doing and dedication. Hopefully it wasn't too much of a grind!

I'm working on Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine now, but am not sure if the platinum is worth the time. You have to get over 7,000 kills online, and thousands of those are with very specific criteria (headshots, multi-kills, fully charged plasma shots, etc.) It is kind of a pain, and the fun factor the game had at first is starting to wear thin. If you're ever boosting Space Marine, pls let me know! Cheers!

poetic_justice_ said 5 years ago

  • Cheers mate! DJ Hero was such a mental platinum, I can't take full credit as it was a pass the deck affair with a few mates on the mixes, I beat most of them but some were done by some mates during some heavy beer sessions :p It took about two years between the first and last trophy, defo one of my most proud platinums right there! The tunes are superb in the game so it made it a right laugh to play.

    Good luck with Warhammer mate. That sounds like a heavy trophy list indeed. You can do it dude, if I ever get on it myself I will let you know.

    Take care!

    funkyweed said 5 years ago

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