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  • Not Game Related

    A game shop stealing my instgram pics...

  • Rare Replay

    Will be ordering this later on.

  • Xbox

    Anyone got any xbox one digital codes for swap?

  • Sea of Thieves

    After Sea of Thieves, do you guys think Rare will go back to working on it's classic IPs?

    If so, what would you like to see come back first?

  • Train Simulator 2015

    Found a nice route on a French TrainSim community website. Trying to make it through a 5yr old scenario. See, if all the LUA scripting still works w/ 2017 game build.

  • Gears of War 4

    Little rant here.

    Everything about this game is easy, horde is easy, multiplayer is easy. People play so stupid online, the ai's are so simple on horde, it's like the kids online think they're playing a game ...
    [+] Little rant here.

    Everything about this game is easy, horde is easy, multiplayer is easy. People play so stupid online, the ai's are so simple on horde, it's like the kids online think they're playing a game for simple minded buffoons like Call of Duty, running around with no strategy whatsoever, it's like the previous Gears where it's all too easy, I haven't lost a king of the hill game in FOREVER.


    Why oh why are there two multiplayer weapon tunings. I'LL TELL YOU WHY.

    "Competitive settings allow you to outplay someone, meaning they can shoot first and you can still win the fight with good movement/shooting. Core literally punishes you for being aggressive and rewards you for being passive. Some spots on the map are made impassable by just a single Lancer. That's what's called a skill ceiling. No matter how good you get, doing specifically that (sitting at position X with Lancer) does not take any more skill. It means that the guy with great aim will effectively be equal to the guy with decent aim. This isn't about preference of play, it's about the quality of game play.

    And the problem in Core right now isn't even the Lancer it's the Gnasher. It can 2 shot you, or 1 shot gib, from CRAZY far distances. That just turns every encounter into a situation of who shoots who first. Lancer is only as strong as it is in core because of the Gnasher. In competitive, it's weaker because the Gnasher is weaker. In fact you can easily avoid a Gnasher up close in competitive WITH the Lancer if you know what you are doing. But in Core, you are pretty much dead if caught using a Lancer within 1 roll of a Gnasher. Competitive is NOT dominated by Gnasher, there is plenty of Lancer/Snub, it's just that in competitive the weapons are more fitted to their roles. Gnasher's role is to be a slaying weapon, while Lancer is meant to be suppression. SUPPRESSION as in deter a threat NOT eliminate it. By contrast, because the Gnasher is so strong it can SUPPRESS you in Core, but being weaker it cannot do this in competitive. In fact a simple way to avoid getting bodied is to just run away. You literally cannot do enough damage with Gnasher to stop someone running away. You NEED a Lancer or Snub to actually down them.

    Also, that's the thing you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY Gears. If you did, then you wouldn't be arguing for OP weapons because you'd realize that you need to use the right weapon for the job. Not a one size fits all rifle or shotgun. Core just creates a whole population of bad players that depend on the power of the weapon to win a fight and not skills like aim or positioning or tactics. Now it's to a point after several games where people try the ACTUAL game and don't know what to do. They don't know where to position themselves for the best angles. They don't know when to use which weapon. They don't know how to push unless they get a smoke stun first. By allowing Core to stay and not making competitive universal, TC is depriving people like you the chance to get better at the game."

    This is quoted from the Gears of War forums and it makes SO MUCH SENSE. Out with core, in with competitive. The skill ceiling makes gears what it is, I don't have tooooo much an issue with it, I'm not dumb enough to run into open plains and I'm evasive enough to still get these quads up close, BUT, I can see why it's a problem, it splits the community giving them two perspectives on the game and it'll only get worse.


    Rant Over.

    IIV_S1LENTSC0P3 said 5 hours ago 3 comments Like this (1) Report
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    • I ain't complaining. But I've given up on caring months ago so what ever happens happens. No point wasting my breath.

      Blaze33405 said 2 minutes ago

    • It's why I avoid competitive tuning. I rather just get credits fast via social so I can get crates faster. Don't care like I used to back in Gears 3

      Blaze33405 said 0 minutes ago

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  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

    Will be starting this beauty of a game on nightmare difficulty. Im in for a long game.Never played through nightmare difficulty so this should be an experience.


  • Gaming Related

    Did I get a good deal? CoD infinate warefare LEGACY edition, like new, £24 ??

  • Film/TV

    Started up Kill la Kill again, gonna finish the series this time :P

    RedDeadRogue said 8 hours ago 18 comments Like this Report
  • Film/TV

    Confusing News: Hugh Jackman Says Logan Will NOT Be Set In The X-Men Movies Universe #

    Vivalafred said 10 hours ago 5 comments Like this Report
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    • I know but but but this... This is even a more fucke up... Can Fox just stop... Because they said Legion the new fx show was going to be connected and now they flipped flopped. Now fox saying a new x-men show in the work and it is connected to the movies......

      Vivalafred said 6 minutes ago

    • Anyway the fixed the timeline with future past and *expletive deleted* it up with appocalypse, what were they thinking

      ThaDjinn said 1 minute ago

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