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  • Tienes bastantes juegos amigo ¡¡¡ Saludos desde mexico ¡¡ :D

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  • Mass Effect 3

    This Halloween thing has gone too far. In my last match we encountered a headless cerberus trooper (I guess someone killed him with a headshot) that was invincible, none of our attacks did anything to him, no shots, no grenades, no biotic powers... Had to leave the match so at least other would be able to continue (I was the leader, so by leaving I forced the game to restart the current wave.

    Tried to make a screen capture to have prove of it, but all it copied was a black background (didn't have the screen capture software running at the time).

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  • AC Revelations

    First time playing the MP and I think it will be the last, too.

    I don't know why, but I can't do anything. When I try to kill someone, I always get stunned and when I try to stun someone, I always get killed. Ubisoft must think i'm an idiot so they ignore my commands or what?

    More, playing the chest mode (that one where you have to get some chests and avoid getting killed by the other team), it took my team very long to get a single chest, but the other team had it two seconds after hearing the "a chest is being taken" (or whatever that voice says).

    Also, matchmaking is *expletive deleted*. Not only because it takes too long to get into a *expletive deleted* match, but also because when you already have one, you see that you (level 2) and someone else (level 17) are playing agains a 3 level 50 players. WTF? How do they pretend to make me keep playing if I can't do a single thing agains them?

    I think I'll never try AC3 MP. Hope the time spent to make it doesn't lower the SP quality of the gam or I'll have even more reasons to say *expletive deleted* Ubisoft and never buy any of their games

    bores said 4 years ago - 7 comments - Like this (1) - Remove

  • Mass Effect 3

    New Operation this weekend. Piece of cake... Hope we don't get overconfident like with Operation Vigilance

    bores said 4 years ago - 2 comments - Like this (1) - Remove

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