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  • Life Is Strangeā„¢

    Well... that just happened. Episode 5 spoilers/wall-o-text incoming, you've been warned.

    As much as I really enjoyed the game, I can't say that I was surprised by any of it. I didn't figure some things out as quickly as I should have, but I still called most of the big twists before they happened. I could've told you within the first few minutes of Episode 2 that Kate was going to attempt to off herself before the end. They tried too hard to make David and Nathan the bad guys while simultaneously trying to build up Jefferson, so clearly he had to be the bad guy.

    One that did (somewhat) get me though was the final choice. I'd spent the last episode and a half expecting that Max was simply going to have to kill herself in order to prevent this all from happening. Near the end of Episode 5 when you wind up back in the past at Chloe's house as a kid, I figured I would be given the option to ride in the car with Chloe's dad. I knew it would come down to either that or sacrificing the town. But then it turned out to be Chloe that I had to sacrifice, not Max. Minor difference really, but it did kinda catch me.

    That being said, I didn't do it. Chloe and Max both lived, although they're the only residents of Arcadia Bay that did. I feel like the game wanted to paint this as the bad choice, but really it was the only logical one if you ask me.

    Sure, we as players would think "Do I give up one person, or a whole town full of people?" and that answer would be obvious. But looking at it from Max's perspective, she had to save her only friend (And lover, I would like to think), or sacrifice her in order to save a town full of people that really didn't give a damn about her. Nothing good really happened to her in that town. She was hated by everybody at school, he favorite teacher turned out to be a murderous psychopath, no matter where she went or who she talked to, people wanted to hurt her.

    Warren being the sole exception, in my eye at least. I was kinda bummed that we couldn't do anything for him, but it didn't really matter. I sacrificed the town because I felt that it provided my two favorite characters from the game the best chance for happiness. They wanted to leave anyway, and now they did. I made the right choice, I think.Select text to reveal spoiler
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  • Killing Floor 2

    My killwh0re game is so strong... Who'd have thought it would work so well to stick a bunch of zeds on an airplane and then light everything on fire?

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  • Killing Floor 2

    Well, this is a thing. This is a thing that is at the bottom level of a map that is a humongous six floor maze, with the upper 5 floors being literal mazes.

    We discovered that if you do step off the catwalks there in the middle, it's instant death. So when Hans showed up, I waited for him to follow me out on to them, did the horizontal power attack, knocked him down, and watched him fall right into the meat grinder for a 1HKO instant death.

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