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  • Yakuza 4

    Finished the story on Normal. That was an awesome ride, playing as Kazuma again was very cool and all the other parts were well-executed except maybe for that stealth bit in Saejima's part.

    The final fight had a nasty surprise for me though as right before it I used Tanimura to transport 127 platinum plates from the casino to the pawnshop and thus his inventory was absolutely empty, so if you beat the game, you probably know what I'm getting at. Anyway, that particular fight is a complete joke without recovery items, I had to give up and start over after spending an hour and a half trying. I actually was able to beat, erm, the gunner along with most of his bodyguards, but I had like 1 HP by that time and one of the survivors finally took me down.

    Anyway, it's a splendid game and if you're into good games (I jest, of course) you should go and buy a copy or two as I did (this one is actually serious).

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  • Sid Meier's Civilization V

    I like how most of the achievements' names are various references. For example, if you win the game as Alexander the Great, you get an achievement "The Man Who Would Be King", which is a reference to a great film of the same name (and the fact you get for playing as Alexander also makes sense in this context).

    "If a greek can do it, we can do it".

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  • YAKUZA 3

    Yay, finally got Yakuza 3 and pretty cheap too. It was used, so no Haruka's Request etc for me, but I doubt that's something to really worry about. I'll finish Yakuza 4 first, then I'll probably complete an old Yakuza 1 playthrough and then I'll play Yakuza 3. And I'll still have Yakuza 2 left (which, according to some, has the best story).

    Of course I'll probably have short breaks or something, but disregarding that I hereby proclaim a "Yakuza marathon, more or less".

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  • Yakuza 4

    Finally got to Tanimura. Saejima's part was somewhat lackluster due to that long stealth segments. I didn't get to see much of his substories yet because of that, but Fighter Maker was fun. Also loved the opening scenes (although actual gameplay sequences were a bit tedious).

    Didn't really play Part 3 yet, so I don't know what Tanimura is all abou, but he sure looks like an unpleasant person from what I've seen.

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