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"Nothing breaks harder than ice!"

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    Played 3 years ago

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      3 years ago Gamerscore for DR2: CASE ZERO increased to 30 of 200
    • 3 years ago Unlocked 25% of all achievements
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      3 years ago Unlocked the achievement A Taste of Things to Come Gamerscore: 10
  • Fable III
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    Played 3 years ago

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      3 years ago Gamerscore for Fable III increased to 595 of 1250
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      3 years ago Unlocked the achievement Long Distance Relationship Gamerscore: 10
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      3 years ago Unlocked the achievement Cross-Dimensional Conception Gamerscore: 10
  • Defense Grid
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    Played 3 years ago

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      3 years ago Gamerscore for Defense Grid increased to 95 of 300
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      3 years ago Unlocked the achievement Siege Breaker Gamerscore: 25
      3 years ago Gamerscore for Defense Grid increased to 70 of 300
  • Crackdown
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    Played 3 years ago

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      6 years ago Gamerscore for Crackdown increased to 840 of 1250
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      7 years ago Unlocked the achievement Repo Man Gamerscore: 10
    • 7 years ago Unlocked 75% of all achievements
  • Jetpack Joyride
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    Played 3 years ago

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      3 years ago Gamerscore for Jetpack Joyride increased to 95 of 200
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      3 years ago Unlocked the achievement Rejected Gamerscore: 5
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      3 years ago Unlocked the achievement Fuzzy Locks Gamerscore: 5

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  • Divinity II



    Release date: January 5, 2010

    Let me start off by saying, if your looking for a deep, enthralling storyline, with Elder Scrolls like gameplay; this is not the game for you. Not to say this game doesn't have it's good qualities, in fact the simplistic nature of the game is what kept me coming back for more.

    [u]Story: [/u]

    You begin the game/ultimate quest as a Dragon Slayer. You main quest, slash usual quest of most sandbox RPG's is to ultimately free the land of the evil that inhabits it. If your looking for something original in the story, look elsewhere, nothing new here. The story progresses nicely with a bunch of side quests you complete (150+ sidequests). Something you will find unique in this game, is your own battletower in the center of the map. Here you can stockpile stuff you find, I have servants, blacksmiths....any thing you will need. Not to mention it's your own enormous safehouse. Great variety in weapons, armor, and clothing with thousand of combinations and the ability to enchant your items. Like most sandbox, dungeon crawler RPG's, you get your choice between 3 classes: Warrior, Archer, or Mage. Don't think your decision is final though. You character can still be a combination of all three if you want, by assigning skill points.



    The gameplay is very simple in nature, plays nothing like an Elder Scroll type game. This isn't completely a bad thing. If your looking for a simpler type of RPG, that you don't have to overly think the gameplay; this is your game. One thing I do like, is you don't have to repair weapons and armor. In fact you don't even have to worry about them breaking. Spell and stat upgrading is very simple and easy to understand. The fighting can be most closely compared with Two Worlds. Camera angles are in 3rd person, which in some aspects (due to some kind of flawed design), is a major pain in the ass. For some reason, when using your bow or magic and you lock onto an enemy (LT), your character does directly face the target. It seems your guy is looks at the ground, but somehow your arrows seem to hit the target. If the enemy is far away, it seems like your guy aims 10 ft above there head, but still somehow hits his target. The lock-on system is absolutely terrible when in combat with multiple enemies. It would help if your character would automatically lock on to the closest enemy, but that just doesn't happen. Your guy locks onto random people. You my be fight 3 people right next to you and your guy locks onto an archer 50ft away and you start swinging at air. This will be one of the main culprits of how you find yourself dead.

    The looting system is fun and will remind you of the old school RPG games. You can pretty much loot in 100% of the locations in this game. Unlike Oblivion, there is no such thing as stealing in this game. Feel free to strip bare people's homes, while they sit there and watch you. Although, most will consider this a lack of depth in the gameplay, it's a nice reprieve.


    The fact that you start taking the form of a dragon at one point during the story, adds another depth to the gameplay. Although it would have been nice to be able to a get a horse or something to ride at some point during the game

    There is NO multiplayer for this game.



    [u]Sound & Graphics:[/u]

    The game uses the Gamebyro engine, which is the same engine as Fallout 3 and Oblivion, although the graphics and framerate is not quite as smooth as those two games. The sound, music isnt bad, although the lip sync for the NPC's is about as good as the first Two Worlds.



    The achievements for this game are 100% achievable. A nice mix of story related achievements / secret or missable achievements, this really make you wanna travel outside the main story quest and play the game to its fullest.



    Before you purchase this game, I recommend that you actually buy Divinity II: Dragon's Knight Saga. Divinity II: DKS contains Ego Draconis, bug and gameplay fixes, expansions packs, frame rate and slight graphics upgrade, and an extension of the storyline. Unfortunatly I did not know that before I bought this game, because the DKS version is only $5 more at Gamestop.

    Spectresubzero said 4 years ago - 1 comment - Like this

  • Cabela's® BGH 2012

    Do any of you remember Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005?...not many of you? Oh well, anyways, it was a great game which I played religiously (on the Game Cube (don't hate on the Cube). The 2005 version of this game was a free roam sandbox style gameplay of a game. You had many weapons to earn and choose from. You can choose different clothing, you had an ATV, you could sleep in a tent outside, you had different types of bate, decoys, blinds, etc. You could hunt from sun up to sun down, looking for that trophy 8x8 point buck. If you loved all that about Cabela's Big Game Hunter, then avoid this heaping pile of garbage of a game. I was so excited to find and buy this game...seriously....I had to jump through hoops to find this game!

    Story mode:

    Since when did hunting become an animal slaughter house? Literally this game is a linear path that you follow, slaughtering animals like it's a Wolfenstein game! Basically this game only has 5 total weapons: Semi-Auto Rifle, Long Rifle, Hunting Pistol, Shotgun, and compound bow. The only thing missing is Mini-gun! You basically follow a very tight non-deviating, non-optional, very short path through out each map. Blinds(area where you can hide) and towers are already set up in prime locations for you, all you have to do is walk to them. There are no stats about the animals you shoot at all, and almost no challenge in shooting animals. You can basically hold your breath, see their heart or lungs and get a perfect shot every time. If you miss...do you get to keep hunting? Nope, you will have to restart from a checkpoint. What's the fun in that? This game will also give you objectives. Hunts last for about 10 minutes. For example, during your hunt, you are to shoot 20 ducks, 12 foxes, and 20 rabbits. Apparently every bush you walk next to, 3-4 rabbits run out, a couple of foxes and 3-4 birds...and when I say every bush I mean every bush. What do you do? You whip out your shotgun and start spraying and praying! You literally don't hunt at all in this game, you just go from station to station blasting herds of animals.

    The actual story of this game is very forgettable with terrible voice overs, in fact the whole story is absolutely dumb! You go on hunting competitions around the world, but they tried to throw some useless drama in with the already lacking story. Picture this...your about to take you kill shot....just as the "suspense" builds...you hear..."Hey, that's my hunting grounds!" Wow very exciting!

    In this game, you also have "detection mode". Which is nothing more than basically a thermal camera from the future! You can see animals from a mile away with it. Using that along with holding you breaths which allows you to see their organs, you the freaking Terminator!

    rating 2/10: no challenge what so ever and nothing like the previous Big Game Hunters.


    Honestly, not much improvement since 2005. Sure the landscape and sun light look slightly better. But the bushes are made with 2D images stacked on top of each other like a 1990's games. The animals still have the same movement they had in the 2005 version, along with all the same exact unoriginal sounds from the 2005 game. Apparently the horn you use to attract animals...literally attracts every animal in the game. All you need is this one magical horn in real life! The weapons are very basic. Also, when looking at animals, you will observe the polygonal edges on all of them. The graphics leave a lot to be desired....

    rating 3/10


    None! Come on guys (&girls), why make a game with multiplayer in 2012...it's so overrated! This game does have a shooting gallery mode. Which is really designed for the Top Shot Gun peripheral. You can plays co-op and decimate the animal population in select areas. You will probably kill about 200 animals in 5 minutes. This is hunting how again? The shooting Gallery will remind you of an arcade shooter from Chuck-E-Cheese!

    rating 1/10


    You could probably 100% the achievements in this game by just renting it for a weekend. Seriously, you'll probably unlock 2/3 of the achievements by pure accident!

    rating 5/10

    If you looking for a hunting game, look else where! Hunting is about the last thing you will be doing in this game! I wouldn't even pay $4.99 for this game. The only reason I give this game two stars, is because I have absolutely played worse....not by much though....

    Originally written for Trueachievements.com

    Spectresubzero said 5 years ago - Comment - Like this (1)

  • It's been years since I was a subscribed member of OXM magazine. I was just about to renew my subscription, and come to find out, as of The February 2012 edition, the content disc will no longer be included!

    What did OXM have to say about this...well, flipping through the pages of the February 2012 edition you might find this little blurb, "You've told us you didn't want the DVD anymore, and we listened..."

    Really? Who are these people? Almost every other gaming site has a forum topic about this issue, and I have yet to see someone agreeing with OXM. So where are these people that just hated this disc so much they asked you to get rid of it?

    I'll always remember opening that plastic cover and receiving a disc of content, like demos, gamer pics, themes, map packs for games, etc. For those of you like me who suffer from small hard drive disorder, a disc with demos is welcomed.

    Honestly OXM magazine and their mostly biased reviews, which do more to promote games for Microsoft than actually legit review a game wasn't the only reason I read this magazine. The disc was a huge part of the deal as anyone who subscribed would tell you. I would be happier if OXM told the truth and just said, "our profit margin is shrinking like our fan base and we had to get rid of the disc." Instead, you point the finger at the readers and put blame on them.

    Something I've seen which may relate on multiple game sites including Xbox.com, was that OXM recently raised their subscription price and stated the blame to be in part at the productions of the demo discs. So did the subscription price go back down accordingly? Of course not! People probably said they didn't want to pay the price hike on the subscription because of the disc...so you take that as hike the price up don't give them a disc. Some of you may have noticed that the OXM magazine is now available on devices such as IPAD, Nook, KinDle, etc., guess what though, the subscription price for those devices is the same as the actual magazine, so.....why the price again?

    What do you all think?

    Spectresubzero said 5 years ago - 4 comments - Like this (1)

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