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  • Gears of War 4

    Damn they hide the collectibles good in this game. I missed a ton in the chapters I've completed so even though I was being pretty OCD about trying to find them. Gonna have to put the completionist in me to the side so I can finish the campaign without driving myself crazy this time around.

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  • Gears of War 4

    I can't believe it! A game on the win10 store they got right the 1st time! :O Not only that it is easily one of the best PC optimized games at release in the last few years. The fact it is a really good game don't hurt either! XD

    Haven't got too much time in yet, just hit chapter 2 a min ago. So far so good though, usual great Gears gameplay, the SP campaign has a fairly interesting story, I'm having a blast with this game so far! Haven't tried MP yet though. My carpal tunnel has really been acting up in my right hand so I'm using a controller for the time being. When I can get back to KB+M I'll jump on the MP.

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  • No Man's Sky

    I don't see what all the major hate for this game was about TBH. Sure they didn't come through with everything promised, & the PC port did have a rocky start performance wise. But IMHO it is a great game as it stands. I am fully immersed in it right now & they have definitely done some good improvements for PC & PS4 performance.

    If they give us some of the stuff originally promised in the form of free updates & put out some really good paid DLC (we all know it's coming unfortunately) I think the game will have lived up to the hype as much as possible. NMS's hype was as crazy as anyone who truly thought it would live up to it.

    All that said I do realize the game is pretty niche & is definitely not for everyone. Although if the game appeals to you in any way I personally think the game overcomes most of it's negatives & is worth a shot.

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