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  • Persona 3: FES

    I played this game last year. Got Aegis and then stopped playing 2 days before the full moon.

    Now I am playing it once again, got Aikhiko yesterday and I am progressing well I think. The game is really fun, no idea why I stopped playing it last time!!

    BTW I remember Aegis was overleveled by 2 levels when compared to my other charachters(besides MC), how should I choose team mebers down the road? Should I just go with whoever I like more or do I need to grind with all of them to keep everyone at the same level(tldr Is it essencial to have everyone leveled up or not?)?

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    So I beat this about 3 weeks ago or something, and the game is pretty cool.

    One nothing I noticed though, everytime I beat this game on the PS2(last time was like 3 years ago) I had to constantly grind, but this time I only had to grind for the Final Boss o.o

    Was this version made easier than the original one or did I just get better at the game?

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    So, I just got back into Dark Souls, and I noticed my main is perma Grave Lorded(both in offline and online-mode), is there any way to fix this? I've heard about getting infected again and the person who infected me would then quit the game and after 15 minutes the infection would be removed or something, would that work? :P

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  • Minecraft

    Has anyone found an "End Portal" yet?

    I wanna join someones world to help someone destroy the End Dragon so I can get the trophies.

    After this I will focus on the cart trophy, and when it's done I will invite you to my world and let you ride it so you can get it too :)

    Thanks if anyone can do this :D

    BTW If ANYONE has a saddle, please invite me to your world as well so I can get the Pig Jumping trophy, this is the hardest trophy in the whole game as far as I can tell from playing the PC version since 2011 :P

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