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  • Alien: Isolation

    So...uh...release dates for this?


    Nuh'in yet?


    PierreSBK71 said 13 hours ago - 13 comments - Like this - Remove

  • 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

    For some reason, I'm so bored lately that I want to buy this. And play it.

    And most likely complain after I've finished it.

    PierreSBK71 said 14 hours ago - 9 comments - Like this - Remove

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Finished my ''get all collectibles'' run.

    Yup. I still like this game.

    PierreSBK71 said 14 hours ago - 4 comments - Like this (2) - Remove

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines

    So, uh...I was getting slightly mad at the game, trying to get the cheevo called ''Anytime, Anywhere'', you know, the one for killing the Xeno Crusher without getting hit in mission...8, I think? Maybe mission 9? Whatever...

    Anyway, here's how I did it. The moment the Crusher enters the fray and headbutts the APC, run on the right side of the map, and go up the little hill after the ''tunnel''. There, kill all the xenos, and after doing that, place yourself on the edge of the little hill, basically just above the tunnel entrance. If you are fast enough, the Crusher will be stuck there. Then, simply start unloading everything you have on him. AVOID USING GRENADES or under-gun attachments, as those will knock him slightly back and ''unlock'' him out of his glitchy spot.

    That's it. I'm buzzing about how to unlock achievements?

    I'm all over the place, I'm starting to lose it. LOL

    PierreSBK71 said 1 day ago - 26 comments - Like this - Remove

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