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  • Time to put The Phantom Pain to rest for a while, been playing that thing since september and I've only gotten as far as 65% completion. HALO 5 is coming!

    Already preordered and just waiting for it on the mail. I'll see you fellas over there. Cheers


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    Just finished it and woaw... that must have been the most terrible M. Knight Shyamalan movie I've seen.

    I've been reading a lot about how this ending could have been made in the last minute (only hadn't seen or read about it 'till now) and I don't see that at all.

    There's hints throughout the whole game that suggest this was written on purpose, from the start. The plot is completely connected to this ending...and what a bad way to explain a lot of things in the saga.

    "Incomplete"? Maybe but it was definitely not gonna end in any other way but this one, and a few more -or a lot more- scenes wasn't gonna make any difference after all.

    "Unpolished"? definitely, It's the best game in terms of gameplay but otherwise is a disgrace to the story, absolutely nothing happens on this one.

    It's a horrible thing to wait so long just to see this but it must be impossible to finish something of this scale in a good way... so I guess it's OK.

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  • God of War III Remastered

    So, I was thinking if I should buy this game for PS4 (had it on PS3 but long story short - I don't anymore) or buy the entire collection (which I also have already) for half the price on PS3, including this one.

    This *expletive deleted* is expensive, I get it, but is it worth it? What do you people think?.

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    The more I play this the less it feels like a Metal Gear game.

    I'm talking about the cinematic direction, the dialogues, event scripting, there isn't a real "elite" boss team to defeat (skulls are minions mostly), no historic information adapted to the MGS universe, no collectibles whatsoever... even the "!" sound is not in the game.

    Now everybody speaks about a probable third game or at least a DLC containing the rest of the game (I haven't finished it yet), since this one is not finished -apparently-. Just like a forced trilogy we've been getting for small franchises in the last few years, we all know the director is a fan of cinematography and he's not a marketing fool. GZ-PP-?

    I get it, it's a more serious plot, maybe the cheesyness from the rest of the series has no place in it (can't see why not though) but...

    Are you people sure that it was Konami the only ones who made this game like this? Cause I'm doubting that.

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