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  • Heard that PF is shutting down so, if anyone wants to keep in touch, chat, meet and have a beer, wine, etc (Mexico City) or of course Play - here's my info.

    XBL: MetalWyvern

    PSN: SteelWyvern

    Twitter: @alekspizana

    Whatsapp/Viber: +525544515993

    Stay in the light, see you down the road, take care. Cheers!


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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    This game is amazing... infinite XD

    I love the gorgeous design, scenery, detail, music, the freedom in it. It even has a perfect exploration system (except for the stupid horse but okay) which the previews one was missing. 10/10 so far and I've been playing for months now, not even sure where I am on the game progress - think Act/Chapter 2 maybe, dunno, can't remember.

    No real complains about this one, minor bugs here and there but I'm saving very often to prevent any major *expletive deleted* from happening.

    One thing though; there's sometimes (very common now as I grow older, maybe ;p) this one task I feel like I won't have the strenght to do in order to get that last trophy/achievement and therefore - not getting 100% completion on games.

    In this case it comes in the form of GWENT...*expletive deleted* Gwent. Not saying it's a bad thing per se, I mean... there's lots of people into card games nowadays... just not I... *expletive deleted* no... no *expletive deleted* way. This feels to me like -back in the days- when I used to play Doom and Prince of Persia (original ones) at my uncles' computers and there was just either one of them... and Chess installed.

    Everytime I see gwent on this game I remember how awfully miserable my life was when there was only two games to play over the weekend... and one was the digital version of a *expletive deleted* board game.

    Playing digital card games is definitely not for me (not even real ones as I don't like these type of card games at all). Though I recognise the developers' effort for making something as complex as that, in replacement to the shitty dice minigame from The Witcher 2. Just wished I didn't have to play it in order to get 100% Completion...

    ...oh well, that is; I won't even try.

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  • NIOH

    Finally was able to get my DLC and my brother's. Once you get used to it you really just die eventually.

    Loving it and definitely gonna get this one, the combat system is excellent, the ninjas are very similar from NG which is difficult to fight with William.

    Must take advantage of the Ki Pulse system in order to squeeze those moves to the fullest, switching from one stance to the other rewards you with more attacks with the existing bar.

    Excellent game.

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  • NIOH

    My DLC won't be redeemed, anyone knows WTF? Is anyone getting the same issue?.

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