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  • NIOH

    Finally was able to get my DLC and my brother's. Once you get used to it you really just die eventually.

    Loving it and definitely gonna get this one, the combat system is excellent, the ninjas are very similar from NG which is difficult to fight with William.

    Must take advantage of the Ki Pulse system in order to squeeze those moves to the fullest, switching from one stance to the other rewards you with more attacks with the existing bar.

    Excellent game.

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  • NIOH

    My DLC won't be redeemed, anyone knows WTF? Is anyone getting the same issue?.

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  • NIOH

    I'm on a quest for DLC.

    Team Ninja said on Facebook that anyone who finishes 1 stage will get a ‘The Mark of the Conqueror’ DLC.

    I can't stop until I get this *expletive deleted*.

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  • NIOH

    I could never get to any cinematic or any demon at all.

    It's really difficult and every time you die you must go back to the beginning. I only got to lvl 10 before dying again and again and losing all my money.

    I like the combat system, is very complex, you must be following the enemies reactions along with your remaining energy to counter and strike, pretty cool system indeed. Still gonna hold my money on this one because this demo doesn't say too much of the overall game other than the brutal combat system.

    MetalWyvern said 2 months ago - Comment - Like this - Remove

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