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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Ok now this is the worst CoD I've played (so far).

    Not only is boring as *expletive deleted* - the plot is so loose I didn't even care about it, was on music the whole time, the mechanics are terrible also...

    The so-called allies keep standing in front of you almost everytime you try to shoot someone and the game won't let you shoot at all, they don't even shoot the enemy either, they just point their gun at them and they can get past and bash you whenever they want.

    Weapons take an eternity to reload and the shots per cartridge are very scarse too.

    Now all of that I can understand, they've always been really stupid these games. But now on top of that, I'm supposed to start over because one of the trophies never popped. I always play these on Veteran and now the game is telling me I need to finish at least 1 of 3 missions from the beginning, and I don't know which one it is because the *expletive deleted* Campaign-Mission Select doesn't tell you the difficulties you've finished them on (as in previous games).

    Treyarch are even *expletive deleted* worse at developing fussy games, that's an actual surprise though not a pleasant one.

    I don't think I'll ever try Black Ops 2 now, *expletive deleted* that.

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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    Anyone knows the minimun download required to start it?.

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    They took so much from many games (mostly from The Last of Us) but so far I can't complain, I'm really liking it. Preordered it but couldn't find the time to play it until now.

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  • Killzone 2

    Killing Radec on Elite was a real pain in the arse... nervemind, all campaign trophies done. Now I need 4 multiplayer trophies and I'll get the platinum... not sure if I have the time though but I'll try, so close now.

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