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  • TRASH PANICâ„¢ Trophy Set

    This game is like Asian super-tetris. It's f*cking impossible. Not even my Asian blood can grasp it's difficulty.

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  • Mass Effectâ„¢ 2

    Aaaand PLAT #13.

    Just in time for classes too. University life will take my time away again. When I get a break, I'll definitely go for the Mass Effect 3 plat. It's definitely my new favorite platinum, since Arkham Asylum. AA was fun and all, but Mass Effect 2 has way more replay value, and I know in the near future I'm gonna replay this game again. Not much to say about Mass Effect 2, except it's the most fun I have had in years.

    My verdict, 4.5/5. Loading times are HORRIBLE.

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  • Saints Row: The Third

    Aaaaaaand PLAT #12.

    First comment, no one messes with the Saints. Second comment, this one was a lot less story driven than the past two games IMO. The only real feeling I felt from my protagonist was when I chose the ending where I went for Killbane, and let the girls die. Select text to reveal spoiler
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    It was the last thing I left for the platinum, and I will say it was worth it to see The Saints rise up from being bunch of sell-outs and the Protagonist become President in the soon to come Saints Row IV. It felt fitting, but it doesn't live up to Saints Row 2's "hidden" ending. Saints Row 2 definitely had more random stuff to do, like random humming to The Final Countdown, sitting down in the street and read a book, pole dancing, the list goes on forever.. While Saints Row The Third lacked random content, it definitely held its own ground in random, mindless fun. It's not perfect, but only a few are ever. I will play it again one day, since I bought the full package and haven't touched any of the DLC missions much. But for now, back to the collection you go!

    My Verdict; 3.5/5

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  • Mass Effect 3

    Wow. Just WOW. I finished the Mass Effect trilogy. And I have to say, it was definitely worth the buy. Three epic games, for the price of one. It was roller coaster of bugs, glitches, laughs, tears, rage, and epic-ness. But Mass Effect 3 was definitely the most story driven one IMO. It was awesome to see all my choices from the past two games being made up in the third one. The ending wasn't disappointing at all, and it felt worth it. But what bothers me the most, was how people said the ending was disappointing without the Extended Cut, and some still say it wasn't enough. I would just like to know, how was the ending different with and without the the Extended Cut?

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