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  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Is there anyway to play a normal original team deathmatch? I hate how when I search a job for deathmatch it always puts me in a custom made one and its really annoying. The only way I see it being possible is if I make it but no one joins. I hate the matchmaking in this game.

    LilRwedbwick said 4 weeks ago - 1 comment - Like this - Remove

  • Not Game Related

    Hello for those of you who have steam, I just crafted a bunch of badges and got a bunch of coupon codes for games. My steam ID is quigonjean so you can add me and see if I have anything you want. Some of the coupons I have are

    -75% OFF Stranded

    -66% OFF Divekick

    -66% OFF Planetship

    -66% OFF Spectraball

    -50% OFF The Moon Sliver

    -33% OFF Tormentum - Dark Sorrow

    -50% OFF Make it indie!

    -50% OFF Bleed

    -33% OFF Mount Your Friends

    -66% OFF The Slaughtering Grounds

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  • Demon's Souls

    I'm trying to get a platinum is this game and all I'm missing is the materials needed to craft. I've been farming and theses things don't drop, I was wondering if anyone could help me please? These are the ones that I'm missing,









    PM if you could be kind enough to drop one of each needed to make the best weapon in the category thank you!

    LilRwedbwick said 3 months ago - 2 comments - Like this (1) - Remove

  • Madden NFL 12

    Since EA got rid of online passes does this still require one? I saw a list online of games that no longer require online passes but madden 12 wasn't on there. Thank you in advance.

    LilRwedbwick said 8 months ago - Comment - Like this - Remove

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