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  • Gateways

    Smudged Cat Games. What will they think of next?! The Adventures of Shuggy was pretty damn nice. Gateways even nicer. Uses a bunch of sci fi twists to ingeniously make one helluva puzzle platformer. Portal gun? Check. Time jumping? Check. Gravity rotation? Check. And more :D

    With only 3 games under their belt (The other, Growing Pains, I have not played), these guys are proving to be one helluva competent dev team. Hope they make more. Anyway, these guys are severely overlooked. More people need to look at Shuggy and Gateways.

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  • Terraria

    So I learned recently that a developer 505 Studios will be porting this game to consoles. With NEW content. I'm really excited about that. This is a fantastic game on the PC, and console buddies will finally get a chance to enjoy this great experience. I may just repurchase it myself as well.

    Now here's what ticks me off at the same time. The console versions are getting new content :D

    PC version? Nothing new. The original developers have still given the proverbial "**** you" to the fans that helped put them on the map. they are not even allowing 505 to release this new content on the PC version. I mean why would they? They allow 505 to do that, and PC gamers would not buy the console version. So why? Money is why.

    Re-Logic can go to hell. But 505, thanks for not deciding to go with a straight port, and giving us some extra goodies. Hope it turns out well! Console only gamers need to buy this when it drops :D

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  • Mortal Kombat

    Honestly, I really wrote this game off from the get go. Never have been a fan of Mortal Kombat. Granted, I always have played them, and in fact own almost all of them still. But I truthfully only ever bought the games for the cheese factor, and obviously the fatalities :D

    Now everyone has talked about how great MK9 was since it came out. I did not listen to them, thinking it was the same hype that has been around since day 1 for the series. Hype stemming from the gratuitous violence. Not from the actual core fighting mechanics, which has for the most part in my opinion been on the lackluster side of the fighting genre. No way could Mortal Kombat every compete and dethrone the true kings of the genre (Fighters from Capcom, SNK, and Arc system Works among others being the true champions of the 2D fighting genre).

    Yeah, shut me up now. I finally did it. I gave MK9 a chance. Saw the Komplete Edition had dropped to $19.99, and said eff it. Bought it. Bought it for the same reason I did every other MK game. Cheese factor.

    Well, about 10 hours later, I have to say this. THEY FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT!

    Finally, a competent Mortal Kombat game! I should have put my bias to the side from the get go and given this game a chance earlier. Dare I say, this game actually seems a lot more satisfying than the recent slew of sequels to Street Fighter and King of Fighters franchises. I thought I would never say something like this.

    Bring on MK10!!!

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  • YAKUZA: Dead Souls

    Pachinko, claw games, bars, fishing, baseball, massage parlors, hostess clubs, AND a zombie apocalypse? Yes please.

    In all honesty, this is a fun game if you are a fan of the series. And luckily I am. This non-cannon shoot on the Yakuza series is a blast to play. I may be a little jaded, but I do recognize the game's flaws in the overall gameplay mechanics. If you never got into Yakuza, I recommend checking the other games in the series out before ever stepping foot into zombie infested Kamurocho. If you HAVE played the other Yakuza games, and genuinely enjoyed them, check this game out! While the shooting mechanics are a bit arcadey, they put a lot of effort into everything else as usual for such a cheap title. Storywise, it actually does indeed feel like a Yakuza game.

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