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  • Rime

    Platinum #109: Rime.

    I'm sticking with my 8/10 review, I do wish there was a map and some of the collectibles were in unthinkable areas, like seriously someone spent a lot of time coming up with these hidey holes. Loved the lullaby that you got to listen to after getting a certain set of collectibles and I'm going to have to get the soundtrack if at all possible so I can put the music onto my mp3 player.

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  • Rime

    Rime: Finished. I can't believe I was so close to the end when I stopped playing last night. Anyways loved the game and I'm going for the collectibles I missed the first time. The game has chapter select so that's promising. I'm going to temporarily rate the game 8/10 and then see how I feel once I get the whole story from the collectibles and then re-evaluate the game. The game will take the average player about 3-7 hours but it took me about 11 where I got stuck trying to open a door for 5 hours. It wasn't a glitch and I hadn't missed anything beyond an obvious old school game solution that was simple enough for me to never think about doing lol.

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  • Rime

    Loving Rime so far. I've spent about 3 hours on it and its so much more enjoyable than The Last Guardian of which I've only played about 30 mins and haven't gone back to. I've no real idea what's going on with the story or what I'm doing. There's a real lack of direction but I'm ok with that right now its a new game and the areas are large so I can wander around while trying to figure things out. I've died a few times from trying jumps that didn't work out but other then that haven't come across any issues. Been taking my time exploring areas and getting collectibles but it looks like you can't really backtrack if you've missed things. I've no idea what the kid is called but I've been calling him Odysseus from pretty much the start. There's a lot of Grecian influences in the artwork and the environments I've seen so far are pretty cool. Also can't forget about the music, its been really solid from the start.

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  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

    Platinum #108.

    It was an interesting game. Felt like there was some missing info with the whole sibling/Henry thing. Pretty solid game on the whole there were some things I didn't like such as how slow the rope launcher thing was or climbing buildings. 7.5/10.

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