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  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Can anyone help me with the heists? I'm sick of having incompetent players join and quit.

    Infamous461 said 18 hours ago - 13 comments - Like this - Remove

  • Do you mostly game on PS4 now or something? I hope to see you on MGO 3.

    BunBunPowah said 1 day ago - 1 comment - Remove

  • PlayStation

    Is there a way to delete trial games from library? I hate having them and having guests think I have those games.

    Infamous461 said 1 day ago - 1 comment - Like this - Remove

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Had a very awkward interaction online. I like to play as a female when playing online and it's typical that players assume I'm a girl (Doesn't help that my ID is Angelicsin87). I make it clear that I'm not when someone asks, but I prefer the guise so people aren't jerks to me. Well whom I presume was a either a teenage boy or kid was really upset to find out that I wasn't actually a girl. So much so that he berated me near endlessly while exclaiming that I'm an utter ***hole for playing as a girl. Ironically, he sounded like a girl on the mic himself. Far be it from me to play as a girl.

    Infamous461 said 2 days ago - 13 comments - Like this - Remove

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