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  • Hey, that topic you made about skyrim mods? I added a few suggestions. one of them is actually important...

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  • If you care or otherwise got a sick habit of following me, you may have noticed that several days have passed and I didn't care to post any buzz or forum posts. Moreso after gaining possession of my new computer

    Even if some people were informed of this, I do belive an official statement is in order. I'm rather sure no one will read this but, technically speaking, I don't give a single peep

    There we go then: I grown sick of Playfire and I decided to use the website for my personal use only. As to say, taking advantage of the sihlist feature. Like the majority of people here I own a Raptr account for games tracking. Which is, sadly enough, insanely more efficent than this website

    This decision of mine is the climax of a number of things that feeded me up

    In more detail, I got sick of:

    - Writing detailed and as informed buzzes as possible and seing them flooded with spammers, morons, people who didn't get an habit to read texts with more than two lines or so, people just in to state something that is irrilevant to the buzz, just to borrow someone else's space

    - Having the majority og the buzz section made of one liners such as "This game is awesome", "I hate this game", "Platinium number X" and such

    - Noting how the buzzes above recive far more attention than the ones of people like me who actually spend time with theirs and like to help other players throught them

    - Having the forum being composed for the major part by spam topics, held however in hig regard by the moderation, and therefore protected as a proof that this is "a social website" (while even the dump Facebook can become would refuse such obvious useless follow-ups)

    - Seing that the (few) gaming threads consist often of a single piece of news that people "debate" about for pages before realizing that no one can held a discussion about a news for long

    - Being harrassed by other users if you notice the points above ("Go to Raptr if you want more gaming content!")

    - Having the moderators carefully examining the majority of my forum posts and ask me more than once to "return in line", because I'm widely recognized as an "abrasive" individual, who must be carefully check out in order to preserve that polite, sweet, "very social" website which is Playfire

    Notice that I won't discuss said points further. You agree with me? It doesn't matter much anymore. You don't? I don't need your lecture. As simple and anti-democratic and "not very social" as it sounds

    Given that I've done my duty and secured an outside contact with the people I wanted, I give you my regards

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  • Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

    ... Ok, beside my doubts about Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the good ending is oddly touching

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