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  • Pok√©mon Go

    Since tracking has been broken for what seems like forever now check out this website:

    It uses the Public PokemonGo API to show the pokemon spawns on google maps allowing you to go to exactly where the pokemon is located if you zoom in all the way, kinda like the nearby list but in working order and more precise. The only tracking alternative we have until Niantic fixes the bug. Something to note as the website doesn't tell you, When you click randomly on the map and see pokemon, that is from someone elses scan on the website, acts like lures in a sense that you can see areas that people have already scanned, but only what was spawned when they scanned, it is quite possible that you can scan the same area and have more pokemon appear that weren't there when the other user scanned. if nothing is there make sure you scan. so far rarest thing I've seen on the site was yesterday there was a blastoise in town, but I was way to far away to even consider going after it with the time left on his spawn, I can confirm that the website works as I have caught a few different pokemon in the spots it said they would be at Like Koffing and some more Magikarps for my gyrodos progression

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  • Not Game Related

    Gotta love my home state

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  • FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster

    Streaming more of this, Just crossed moongrove and am right before the thunder plains. Link on my profile

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  • Film/TV

    Been dealing with this error on Netflix for the past couple days and last night I finally hit up chat support @12-1am they had all these things they wanted me to try to no avail, Eventually tech support remote assisted my PC to test a few things. The error is usually a TrustedSites error or something to do with Admin Permissions, Since neither of the fixes did anything to fix it, they forwarded the ticket to the engineering department and comped me a free month

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