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  • Final Fantasy XV

    Just witnessed what happened near the end of the movie. My hatred for Niflheim went through the roof instantly. And sorrow followed. Yep, they did good!

    I loved the demo, platinum demo, the patched demo amd I love this. Squenix rarely dissapoints me whem it comes to FF.

    Made me forgot that game I was hyped for earlier this year. Dunno what it is called though. *cough* It was for the 3DS. *cough, cough*

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  • World of Final Fantasy

    Was fearing the fights against XG, the CognaSelect text to reveal spoiler
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    , and was dissapointed.

    Using Pale Tonberry King(or something), Reynn and White (something, looks like a wolf), and Glee, Lann and Shiva I defeated him. A few Everyone's Grudge, WoL medallion * 3 and healing and it got defeated quickly.

    What's left: Coloseum(2 battles left), 5 sidequests, catching every Mirage and master 100 Mirrage boards. Yay, just the fun parts left. Said no one ever. :p

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  • Final Fantasy XV

    While still waiting for my DE to arrive from Squenix Europe I decided to buy a second copy to play earlier. Desperate fan. :D With a Masamune code tat wont be used. The next owner will probably be happy for that.

    So, the start. Slow as expected. The open area feels HUUUGE- Just wish the music while driving was louder. The changes of the combat was welcomed, feels smoother now. Love that whatever spell I cast also affects my own team. A nice added touch. Hoping I can at some point create Firaga spells at some point in the game. JMV was a fun little minigame.

    I noticed right away how much there is to do already. Looking forward to more later. Think I may focus on hunts as that sounds just as fun as it was in XII. :D

    Hope the characters wont be OP later in the game. Level 60 always feels OP in any FF title. :)

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  • World of Final Fantasy

    Done, just lach the platinum. :) 7/10

    Graphics: I like it. Cute chibi characters, beautiful scenery, good animations, +++.

    Sound: Music got really repetitive, sound effects was great, the VA was so-so Sometimes good, othertimes it felt forced.

    The game: This is where it shines. It is really, really fun. It is fun capturing Mirages, it is fun grinding them to new levels, it is all fun. Even though I am a fan of FF I didn't expect it to be that awesome. Actually really surprised as this whole mix and stack part really put me off. Funny how it caught me and was that enjoyable.

    Story: Not much to say. Waking up one day with amnesia, goes put on an adventure, facing that one danger that put the whole world in grave danger.

    The twist I enjoyed is the one I hope leads to sequels and bigger worlds with more Champions, more Mirages to capture and hopefuøly more knowledge about this fantastic new space Squenix made. And also to figure out a way to really get rid of that new villain as we didn't really defeat him, and the twins still lives on somewhere else. As much as I hate how the twins acted I do hope they will remain as protagonists in future titles and also have matured beyond one being a dumbapple and the other stop making fun of her brother nearly all the timeSelect text to reveal spoiler
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    Now: Just gotta beat the optional content and max 100 boards, which hopefully allows me to unlock the trophy for capturing every Mirage.

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