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    Saga of Tanya the Evil EP7:

    Would you look at that. In an alternate Oslo they managed to occupy and bring them to their knees- Savages. :<Select text to reveal spoiler
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    I like this. But her obsession over a certain character can't be healthy, and I am sure it will eventually lead her to Death's door.

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  • Film/TV

    Saga of Tanya the Evil EP1: Promising start, and a character that is scary as hell. Ain't messing with her, that's for sure. Damn, brutal, merciless, calculated and evil, no doubt. May it be like that to the very end.

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    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid EP7: Safe to say I enjoy this. Cute and funny. That Kanna character is awesome. I wonder, what doesn't that young girl eat? Even went so far to taste test for her summer homework.[spoiler] xD

    Twin Star Exorcists EP 44-45: [spoiler]That Yuto guy.. Oh how I wish that soon Benio and Rokuro get together and kill that son of ****!! >:( While I now do understand why Rokuro just straight up telling Benio she's too weak to be of any help. That dense idiot. Made her feel sad and all, and she just confessed her feelings about him, and seconds later he walks in and ruins her day. Making her faint and become depressed. Son of ****, all thanks to that MF Yuto. Hope he dies soon. I really do hate him. >:(Select text to reveal spoiler
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    Fairy Tail EP *dont remember* I tihnk I am about 79 episodes in: Tartaros/Tartarus Arc: I am a bit into the storyline of this arc and boy do I hope that they can succeed. Things are starting to look really bad. Soon about to catch up to the anime, so I hope they start to create new episodes. :p

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    Penny Dreadful: Seasom 2, episode 2:

    John Clare or whatever his name truly is, I feel sad about him. I feel like his soul is pure, but tainted by how he was introduced to the world. Such a sad being.

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