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  • Minecraft

    What's the largest animal pen you can have on the 360 version without the animals despawning? I know they won't despawn if they can't move 20 blocks, but what exactly does that mean? Does that mean I can make a 19x19 pen and they'll all stay?

    Athan_Untapped said 8 hours ago - 3 comments - Like this - Remove

  • State of Decay

    Lilly: "Are you going to look into those survivors I mentioned?"

    Me: "NO, actually, now that you ask."

    Lol. Speaking of this game, I wish they would have added some sort of generator feature for your homebase. It could be used to keep the lights on inside at night (the trucking warehouse gets so ridiculously dark if you don't turn up the brightness), and would be an excuse for gas to be more useful than it is (more than not at all)

    Athan_Untapped said 1 week ago - 3 comments - Like this - Remove

  • State of Decay

    So I've already cleared out both gun shops and the police station. Any other good places I can get ammo and guns, without having to resort to asking Lilly?

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  • Dead Rising 2

    So, I'm a huge fan of pretty much anything zombies. I've played 90% of all modern zombie game, and I've been thinking. A lot of modern zombie games, if not most, feel the need to throw in a crafting system for weapons (Dead Rising, How to Survive, Dead Island, upcoming Dying Light, etc.). Do you really think that crafting handmade weapons would be a viable and useful concept in a real-life zombie apocalypse?

    Athan_Untapped said 2 weeks ago - 9 comments - Like this - Remove

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