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  • Skyrim

    I need some advice!

    I've been working crazy hard for the last couple weeks to get my new character's smithing, enchanting, and alchemy *all* up to level 100. I'm gonna keep the alchemy so I can keep making magicka/stamina/healing potions, but I plan on going legendary on Smithing and Alchemy so I can get the perks back.

    Before I do that though, I want to make a bunch of sets of weapons and armor to suit me for all occasions. I already plan on making some crazy Juggernaut armor that will boost my stamina and health up to crazy, plus some armor that will reduce my magicka use down to 0 for destruction and alteration or restoration. What other cool sets of stuff would you recommend before I get rid of the skills?

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  • Skyrim

    I would really like to see a Skyrim-esque game (single-player adventure) set in the D&D world of Forgotten Realms. Even if it is only a small area, like around Neverwinter. It could include an extended cavern/dungeon system that is part of the Underdark... that would be cool.

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  • Skyrim

    How do you not just shot the front of your helm right off your face?

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  • Skyrim

    Loving the Special Edition with all the mods on my Xbox One.

    Saw today that Oblivion was added to backwards compatibility; awesome.

    I know it is probably totally impossible but it would be awesome if since you can have both Skyrim and Oblivion downloaded on your Xbox now if you could get the modded Skyblivion as a download...

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