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  • Skyrim

    Loving the Special Edition with all the mods on my Xbox One.

    Saw today that Oblivion was added to backwards compatibility; awesome.

    I know it is probably totally impossible but it would be awesome if since you can have both Skyrim and Oblivion downloaded on your Xbox now if you could get the modded Skyblivion as a download...

    Athan_Untapped said 3 days ago - 1 comment - Like this (1) - Remove

  • Assassin's Creed

    Wouldn't it be a refreshing breath of air if the movie was actually GOOD? Like, if they someone actually managed to push past all the preconceived notions and borderline facts, and made an actually good movie based on the franchise?

    I mean, I know it probably won't happen. But dreams will never die. Lol

    (( And yes, I know that the movie is not based on this actual game. ))

    Athan_Untapped said 2 months ago - 4 comments - Like this - Remove

  • PlayStation

    So the Playstation Store on my PS3 doesn't seem to be working. I wanted to look at maybe getting Megaman Legends, but when I went to the Playstation store it needed an update (recently updated my console too, hardly use the PS3). After the update it would open, but it just goes to a mostly blank page of the PS store and won't do anything from there; I have to restart the console.

    Any idea why this is or how to fix it?

    Athan_Untapped said 2 months ago - 3 comments - Like this - Remove

  • Dying Light

    If you start the DLC The Following with a continued story game, are you supposed to start it with no weapons or any of the stuff that was in your inventory?

    I have all my skills and whatnot, but none of my weapons and my backpack is empty....

    Athan_Untapped said 3 months ago - 5 comments - Like this - Remove

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