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  • Pok√©mon Omega Ruby

    There's a guy in Rustboro city asking me about my 'look'. I chose Ace Trainer. Does this have any effect in the game at all?

    Athan_Untapped said 4 days ago - 1 comment - Like this - Remove

  • Not Game Related

    Alright so this ship is sinking and I need some help abandoning it.

    My laptop has slowly been breaking over the past month or two. The shell has been cracking and breaking apart, I've mostly been keeping it together with tape. There's no issue with it working YET but the screen is coming dangerously close from becoming seperated from the other half.

    It doesn't have warranty, and I don't think I want to get it fixed. The problem is I have a lot of pictures on it (I have files for DMing DnD sessions) and stuff that I would really HATE to lose. I don't really want to pay the scratch to have Geeksquad or similar move everything over for me in addition to having to buy a new laptop, so I want to see about putting it all on some sort of external hard drive?

    Anyways, I'm not completely clueless but I'm also not the most computer savvy either. What are my best options?

    Athan_Untapped said 1 month ago - 5 comments - Like this - Remove

  • Not Game Related

    Who thinks the Warcraft movie is going to be good?

    I don't play any of the games myself, but I'm going to go see the movie. Looks pretty interesting, and I'll support almost anything medieval fantasy related.

    My hopes is that it will be good, and do well, and hopefully start a trend of sword-and-sorcery fantasy movies, including the GOOD Dungeons & Dragons movie I want so bad.

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  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I've come back to play this game way more than I ever did with any of the Batman Arkham games.

    Athan_Untapped said 1 month ago - 1 comment - Like this - Remove

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