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  • Skyrim

    So I was playing on expert, but it was starting to get a little too easy (I killed a duo of elder & blood dragon and hardly broke a sweat/health point); so I got a little overzealous with it and jumped the difficulty straight up to Legendary. I was doing alright for a while, thought the challenge was generally appropriate, until I ran into an Ancient Vampire who handed my ass to me.

    So anyways I dropped it back down to Master now. I'm just wondering how much of a difference it's going to make leveling-wise... the ancient vampire went down like cake on Master, which I assume is because the gap between Master-Legendary is higher than the other gaps?

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  • State of Decay

    So on Monday I FINALLY got the State of Decay tattoo I've been wanting for so long.

    I don't usually share pictures online, but I thought this was worth it.

    This is one shortly after I got it, just because it was all bloody and cool looking;

    And here it is as of today, all healed up in case the aforementioned blood bugs anyone;

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  • Skyrim

    So, can anyone explain a bit about 'leveling' your followers? I never use followers myself, because I tend towards some stealth and a mix of bow/one-handed and destruction, and feel that followers kinda kill my versatility. BUT, with Rayya as my housecarl and Talvas as my steward, I kinda want them to get stronger so they can better help me defend against attacks.

    Any easy way I can level them up?

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  • Skyrim

    Bah. I hate that you have to (pretty much) betray Jarl Bulgruuf if you side with the Stormcloaks. That bit where he's like "I expected better of you" just kinda hurts.

    I really think that, since he was on the fence in the first place anyways, that you should have been able to bring him over to whatever side the Dragonborn backs. I mean, you obviously gain his respect, and it would have been a more unique way to solve it.

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