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  • Grand Theft Auto V

    So, I assume everyone is like me and tricks out the character's personal vehicles for maximum use/awesomeness. Besides the obvious performance upgrades, what customization do you pick for the different protagonist's personal vehicles? Share pictures if you can/like to, or just describe it.

    BTW, I'm generally referring to single-player mode.

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  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Playing The Bright Lord DLC. Ugh though. Celebrimbor by himself kinda sucks a bit. I can live without a couple of the wraith powers, but they failed to give him two of the most useful combat abilities; the one that allows a single hit to be take without losing the combat multiplyer, and the one that allows for two combat finishers to be used with a charged multiplyer. And on top of that, this campaign seems to be chuck full of beserkers and defenders, making it rather frustrating.

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  • Skyrim

    What are your most, and least favorite types of dungeons?

    Personally, I mostly prefer just regular ol' Nordic Tombs. I also really love simple caves, unless they have certain occupants...

    But I hate hate hate absolutely hate Dwemer ruins. Partly because I hate the Falmer (the type of enemy that really ruins regular caves for me as well). And in general I just don't care for Dwemer ruins at all. Makes me dread a lot of the larger quests that involve them.

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  • Skyrim

    I just had an entertaining thought the other day;

    Imagine a Dragonborn, with Tourettes.

    That should be a webcomic. lol

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