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  • Fallout 3

    Alright, I honestly have no idea what just happened.

    I fast-traveled to Arefu because it was the closest point to where I wanted to go. Saw some sort of weird flashing off in the direction I was heading (west); it wasn't an explosion, or laser fire, but it flashed horizontally across the screen several times. Jumped off the Arefu bridge and headed that way, and caught glimpse of something running around. Turned out it was a Super Mutant, running full throttle away from a RadScorpion. I went chasing after them for a while; eventually a Yao Guai showed up and started chasing him (Uncle Leo as V.A.T.S. identified him). Uncle Leo outpaced the radscorpion, but the bear was hounding him every step. Had to stop real quick to kill the radscorpion when it came after me, and thought I lost Leo. Found him not too much further away; dead. Apparently another Yao Guai showed up, and must have cut him off.

    What the heck?

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  • Fallout 3

    Got the oversized teddybear from the Red Racer Factory; you know, cause it's unique. Also stole the large bottle of Vodka from the Tenpenny drunk. Placed the teddybear so it sat on my bed in my megaton house, and the vodka on top of the filing cabinet (wish there was a bedside table).

    Anyways. It was a bad idea. My girlfriend saw it and was like "That looks like the place where a child gets molested." And I was like "...damn." lol. She was totally right. I just wanted to display my unique collectibles!

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  • Fallout 3

    Is Vault 108 linked to any quests?

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  • Fallout 3

    I was concerned about going to Roosevelt Academy because I read on the wiki that it had one of the highest concentrations of Super Mutants... it wasn't that bad at all.

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