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  • Batman™ Arkham Origins

    Finally beat Arkham Origins. I just have a few more data packs to clean up, and that's it.

    You know, I'm rather disappointed that they didn't take the opportunity to include Catwoman in this game. It might have something to do with the different publisher, but I think they could have done it. She was so awesome in City, and they could have had her square off with Bat in this one, as one of the Most Wanted mission lines. It would have been cool. Oh well.

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  • Not Game Related

    Guh. With all the new Marvel cinematic stuff like Daredevil out now, I've been jonesing for them to finally do a great Punisher movie.

    ... How awesome would it be to see a Punisher written and/or directed... by Quentin Tarantino? Lol

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  • State of Decay

    Playing Year One Survival Edition. On the third level of Breakdown; I got into the most dire overall straits that I've ever been playing this game.

    Made a few mistakes, got a couple survivors injured. Worse, some damn illness was running rampant, infecting 3+ survivors at a time. By the time one person got over it, one or two more would have taken their place. Only had like two healthy survivors to play as. Almost thought I was doomed. Played until I was fairly well established in a new base, and got the healer challenge finished. Turned it off, went to sleep. Next day, everyone is in tip-top shape. Thank god. I'm assuming I owe it all to Doc Hanson.

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  • State of Decay

    Weird. So my population is at 16, right? I have counted 16 survivors, total. In the little journal page, it says my population is at 16. Makes sense.

    But my labor? It's at 17. According to it, I have 17 able-bodied survivors ready to get to work. Usually 'labor' is always a few less than your actual population (in fact, I thought it was always at least 1 down because Lilly doesn't count in the 'labor' field). This is the first time I've ever been labor-up. Does that mean someone in my base is worth two people? Lol.

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