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  • Not Game Related

    Anybody have Windows 10 downloaded yet? What's your impressions so far? I have it downloading right now.

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  • Dishonored

    Just finished the Knife of Dunwall DLC. It was pretty average to be honest, I just didn't find Daud interesting. And I was kinda hoping it was going to lead up to that assassination that happens in the main game. Now to do a High Chaos playthrough and then start Brigmore Witches.

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  • Tales of Vesperia

    After spending a few hours playing Fire Emblem Awakening, which is *expletive deleted* awesome I need to buy it, I got into a JRPG mood so I thought I'd buy this. Only when I try to buy it the price is -1 and I can't actually buy it. Has anybody else bought this since it went on sale have this problem?

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  • Dishonored

    Just finished my High Chaos playthrough. I love how slowly the game just get's darker and darker the more you kill. Be it swarms of rats and plague victims in areas that would usually have a few watch men. Or subtle stuff like the weather on the last level been rainy and miserable instead of sunny on low chaos. Dishonored 2 has just made it's way onto my day one must play list. And this is, in my opinion, one of the best games of last gen.

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