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  • Far Cry 4

    Do you have to play the MP or do co-op for 1000g? I don't want to look at the achievements!

    AngeloArkham said 2 hours ago - 4 comments - Like this - Remove

  • Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 1: Zer0 Sum

    Just finished episode 5. So *expletive deleted* good. This is easily my favourite TT game so far. I would love to see Gearbox bring some of these characters over to their games.

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  • Final Fantasy VII (Remake)

    I was at Gamestop today and, I wasn't snooping, but I kinda noticed an email that they are getting ready to start taking pre-orders for this on X1 and PC. Curious, do they know something we don't? I'm personally not expecting this to ever end up on Xbox, PC i'm sure it will end up there eventually!

    AngeloArkham said 9 hours ago - 10 comments - Like this - Remove

  • Not Game Related

    That moment I spend all my money on Christmas gifts for my family and then I find out I could of gotten a 1TB PS4 for €250 >_> This is what happens when I put other people before myself.

    AngeloArkham said 1 day ago - 7 comments - Like this - Remove

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